A Filipino Dyslexic

I would like to say Thank you for Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide for writing this book, I have just finished reading it and I am so inspired to be who I am and embrace it to the fullest. 

Dyslexia here in the Philippines is not yet established and having this book is like finding a treasure. I had a great insight of what really is Dyslexia all about, its meaning is far beyond having a disability. 

And this is my story. 

I do have problems with reading, writing and spelling. But I came from this educational culture in which if I behave nicely I'll earn passing grades. I manage to graduate highschool and in college I took up Journalism for I love to write. But living in the Philippines, having a stable job is a struggle. So since I am not good in English, and I need secured job after college, I shifted my course to Accountancy.

No one would ever thought that I would pass the board exam and now I am a Certified Public Accountant. I mean I failed my Accounting subjects during college and retake those subjects, all were surprised even myself that I would pass it. But after reading the book, I was already using unknowingly what a Dyslexic would learn best. And my different learning abilities made me pass the exam. 

I didn't know I am Dyslexic, I just thought I am a slow learner, a late bloomer, and a clumsy person who make stupid mistakes. But when I have my first job as an Accountant in which I do clerical works as a starter I became so fed up of my mistakes. I asked why am I still different from other CPA's, why I commit stupid mistakes on fine details? I realized, being in a clerical job, made my brain weaker and weaker unlike when I was a student where I can freely devise my methods just to learn.

That's how I found out that I am Dyslexic. At first I am thankful because I manage to become a CPA from learning differently from other students. But as I keep on committing those mistakes, I get frustrated more and more. But soon after reading this book, I know more what to do and how to respond. 

I'll be facing a different journey starting this day. Upcoming days that I will embrace dyslexia and avoid weaknesses. And with the fact that I live in the Philippines may be a different and challenging approach on which how will I get to reaching my dreams. But I believe that having these dyslexic advantage it will take me there. 

Have a wonderful life everyone. :)

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  • i sent you po a message on facebook :)

  • From Antipolo. :) Why po ma'am? 

    Camille said:

    Hi ma'am, i', camille elvina po. May I know po kung saan kayo sa Philippines?

  • Hi ma'am, i', camille elvina po. May I know po kung saan kayo sa Philippines?

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