I thought I'd post our powerpoint presentation here if some of you wanted to discuss it, ask questions, etc. It's pretty technical because it's for a meeting of child and adolescent psychiatrists, but some of the points we think you'll find thought-provoking.

If some of you were interested in an online meeting with me (Fernette) through the slides, I think I might be able to do that through slideshare.

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  • Your answer gives me chills.  It is heartening to see a laser light of focus that thinks of the children, first.

  • Yes, yes, Rose. Absolutely heartbreaking. I gave this talk to a standing-room-only room of child and adolescent psychiatrist. There was an audible gasp when that slide went up. We've got to do more to help these kids. There's a lot of suffering in silence.

  • I've seen the info regarding Learning Disabilities and suicide before.  We put so much blame on little shoulders.  I found out my son was having suicidal thoughts in middle school, but I never knew it at the time.  He started off so different, and used primarily echolalic language until grade four.  Homework was always so difficult and time consuming.  He took drugs (ritalin) to "fit in"..  Looking back, it was pure ignorance on the grown-ups part to demand "normalcy", when Benny had always been different.  Joel said we should start homeschooling because he was afraid we would "lose him"for grades 9-12.  In what amounted to his 12th grade year, he confessed how true that might have been.

    They are just children...who look to us for confirmation of their worth.

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