The Advantages of Dyslexia

Scientific research shows that dyslexic children and adults process information differently from non-dyslexics and some of these changes may account for strengths in creative problem solving, entrepreneurial thinking, and certain types of learning and memory. 

An understanding of the advantage side of dyslexia is important for children to discover how they learn and remember best as well as for adults to find careers and work environments that allow them to work to their highest abilities.

In the book, The Dyslexic Advantage, Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide discuss four Dyslexic MIND Strengths that include: M-Strengths or Strengths in Material Reasoning are abilities that help to reason about the physical or material world. I-Strengths or Strengths in Interconnected Reasoning create exceptional abilities to spot connections between different objects, ideas, or points of view. N-Strengths or Narrative Reasoning strengths reflect an ability to tell stories that help recall the past, understand the present and imagine alternatives. D-Strengths or Dynamic Reasoning Strengths create an ability to predict past or future events using episodic simulation.

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